Our Services

Professional Services

Since 1997, we had built up a pool of strategic resources and business partners who understood our philosophy in doing a reliable job for our customers. Most of the work would be carried out by our own team of product specialists or installers. When necessary, external partners would be brought in to augment the deployment and support process.

On-site diagnostics
We have the necessary skills and tools to conduct on-site investigation of CCTV or entrance access failures. As the failure point(s) could be a weaken cabling system, system units or cameras, do call us if you require external specialists to assist you in trouble-shooting failures points.

Installation of CCTV or Door Access systems
In most cases, we would need to visit the site concerned and discuss on the scope of CCTV coverage & level of support required, or the number of door access installations and controls.

Unless otherwise stated, all site workmanship and installed products carry 12 months of workmanship warranty, or manufacturers' product defect warranty.